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To our friends at Big Bear,

Thank you for another year of consistently delicious food, generous pours at the bar, lots of smiles, and just overall fabulous service!! We appreciate all the hard work that goes into making a restaurant as fabulous Big Bear is every time we walk thru the doors to have a meal. This restaurant is our "home away from home" and we love dining here!!
– Nancy & Robert D.

From Our Comment Cards:
This by far was the best meal I have ever had during my stay on Earth. If I was to die today, I would have a felt fulfilled knowing my last meal was at this fine establishment. – Gloria B.

From Our Comment Cards:
We eat here often and LOVE everything we try. We were discussing the fact that we order same "tried and true" entrees at other restaurants and at Big Bear we always try new items and are NEVER disappointed! – Michelle R., Tamarac FL

From Our Comment Cards:
Excellent food and service. Thank you so much for maintaining your standards through the years. Very much appreciated by your loyal patrons!
– Carlos C.

Dear Greg,

I would like to convey my sincere thanks for the attention given to us during our dinner at your restaurant on Wednesday, September 17th. It meant a lot to me to have you, the owner, come to my table and make us feel so special.
My family and I have always enjoyed dining there for birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
Although I did not expect to get anything deducted from my check, the attention we recieved exceeded my expectations.
Your waitress Alex, who knows we are regulars, is always pleasant and this time was no different. She always knows what we like.
I am CEO of Florida Trend's 43 top Largest Privately Held Company in Florida. I understand what customer service is all about.
I will continue to recommend your restaurant to all of my friends and family.
Again, my sincere thank you!– Calvin J. Miller, Sr., Coral Springs

From Yelp:
One of the best restaurants and brew houses in the Broward County areas hands down, absolutely is a 5 star rating!!! Big Bear's food and beer pairings blow away the competition. The desert is incredible as well. Everything and I do mean everything is home made and from scratch. The beer here is made on premise in areas that you can see upon walking in as well.

They take great pride in crafting their beer. Their brown bear ale is my favorite but they have many others as well, and their beer has won many awards across the country and in state. The food though here is incredible. For the kiddo's they can have some fun to with a beverage made to by Big Bear that does not have the alcohol, as Big Bear makes their very own home made root beer. The root beer is deliciousness and I have ordered this several times as it really pairs well with some of the meals here like a really good juicy burger or delicious pizza.

The ribs are fall off the bone and cooked to perfection with this amazing homemade bbq sauce. The pretzel encrusted chicken is also amazing and a restaurant favorite. Now onto one of their sides. They have a mac & cheese here which I generally would never get because yes gasp I do not like mac and cheese and I am not a bug cheese guy though I'm coming around, but this mac and cheese is one of the best things I have ever eaten in my life. It is not a regular mac and cheese and it certainly is made with several different types of cheeses but I can assure you it is undeniably irresistible and a sure favorite. The pizzas here as well are incredible. I have had the BBQ chicken pizza many times, it is awesome, but the real winner and fairly new to the Big Bear menu is the lobster pizza. I ordered it for the first time a few weeks back, thinking I would be disappointed somehow, and wow I was completely wrong on that one. Plentiful fresh juicy pieces of lobster piled all around on this delicious lobster pizza, and it was instantly one of my favorite things to be had at Big Bear. Speaking of lobster, I would also like to mention that their fish selection is quite plentiful as well and I have had a variety of fish here and it is all very delicious, especially the salmon on cedar which yes, comes out live, sizzling on a cedar plank to you. The flavor it brings out in the salmon is second to none, I was extremely impressed.

I will also mention the desert to. If you have room, there deserts are also extremely good, all of them, yes, home made. I have had the chocolate lava cake many times as that is the girlfriends desert of choice, but also have had some of their berry and peach cobblers which are so good, and I have had some different types of cheese cake here to, one of which was a yes, believe it or not, a cheese cake made from Cap'n Crunch cereal, man if Big Bear was to bring this beauty of a desert back it would be insane, thats how good that cheese cake was.

The very attentive wait staff and service is also great here as well. They will go above and beyond to make your lunch and dinner great and more then what you imagined. Plus, I highly recommend Grace, she is an outstanding waitress here and she has been at Big Bear for many years and knows the menu inside and out.

Big Bear also has brunch as well on Sunday's with delicious mimosas and eggs benedict and their lunch menu is also served at this time to. Their brunch starts at 11 AM on Sunday mornings.

In all, I cannot think of any better restaurants in the Coral Springs area. Maybe I am being biased but hey, when you are this good, you will get these types of reviews and outstanding compliments. But this is what Big Bear has established and they have been doing it for almost 20 years now in the Coral Springs, FL area. This is a true gem and a great place in the Broward County suburbs and I highly recommend Big Bear for any occasion. Also, a helpful hint. Get here early on Friday or Saturday nights. You will be waiting as again, Big Bear is a delicious place for food and beer and I can assure you it is widely known by locals as one of thee premiere restaurants in the area.

Hat's off Big Bear, please keep up the phenomenal food and beer, you are truly worth the wait, it is that good!– B.J., Pompano Beach, FL

From TripAdvisor:
We love Big Bear Brewing Co. The food is consistently great and the menu has something for everyone. I usually order the tilapia sandwich, but the brie pillow, french onion soup and salad and veggie burger are also favorites. My kids love the sweet potato fries. The service is excellent. You must try Big Bear for brunch, lunch or dinner, for good quality food and a great dining experience.– NYFLA

From our Comment Cards:
Alex was excellent! Beer and food all were exceptional. We have wanted to check Big Bear out for quite some time. Certainly glad we did! Keep it up! – Anonymous

From Our Customer Feedback:
We were in your restaurant yesterday with 14 ladies for a birthday party. I just wanted to let you know what a pleasurable experience we had. The service was top notch, the food all came out together and correctly, and of course, it was delicious. The birthday girl even left with a certificate/coupon from you guys. Kudos to your whole staff, especially the waiter, and of course, I can't remember his name. It was such a nice time and we will def be back.
Thank you– Laura Snyder

A letter from an American Soldier:

To whom it may concern-
My name is SPC Marks with the 388th Clearance Company currently stationed in Afghanistan. I'm a bravo combat engineer currently doing route clearance. My job entails going out and finding IEDs, HME, pressure plates, and trip wires then defusing them so my fellow brothers and sisters can arrive to their destinations safely. I've been away from my family since March 2013 due to come home sometime October/December 2014. I'm currently stationed at FOB Shank aka rocket city where we get rocket attacks 3 to 5 times a day depending on the weather. I have been a huge fan of Big Bear Brewing Co. ever since I moved to Coral Springs back in '98. My first date with my wife was at your restaurant. We eat there once a month when I'm state side. We love the atmosphere, hand crafted beers, and of course the food. The cheddar bread bowl and chicken pot pie are two of my favorites. But of course you know how good your food is. I thank you for taking the time to read my letter. – SPC Marks, Afghanistan

From Facebook:
Hi guys, we had a wonderful time at the Big Bear this past Saturday. I love the little changes to the décor and the nice additions, like pretzels with the order of drinks, the blackberries to the Brie pillow, and also those pretzels with the Cheddar sauce were delish. The details make all the difference. Service has always been great, but Anna was particularly helpful without being intrusive. I am excited again about having more dates with my husband at BBB Co.– Rox Church

From Yelp!:
You should only go here if you want good food, good drinks, good service at a reasonable price. This place is as consistently good as there is. We have been eating here since they opened and never, repeat never had a bad meal. We always leave having had an enjoyable evening and experience. There is a bartender named Steve who really knows his stuff from getting you a great drink to knowing your name when you return. The wait staff is excellent. This is a place you will enjoy and return again like we do.– Ed R., Fort Lauderdale, FL.

From Yelp!:
I was particularly surprised and impressed with this place.

First off, I am kind of totally in love with the decor. It's dark and very Pacific Northwest inside. I almost immediately regretted sitting outside, but then I remembered I freeze in AC and they kept it fairly cold (read: temperate, probably like 72). The outside patio is nice as well with decor that matches inside - darker colors, rustic lights, etc. Great first impression.

I tried the honey raspberry beer - delicious! I love fruit wheat beers, and theirs is lovely - not too fruity or sweet. I expected super sweet with the name, but surprisingly, it was fairly light.

My mom and I split a brie pillow which was incredibly large and delicious. I'm not a big puff pastry person, so I ate around that, but I tried a bit just to confirm that you all that it was good and cooked well. The brie was amazing on it's own with the grapes and bread. I would have eaten that as a meal alone.

I ordered a half salad, which was the perfect side with an appetizer. I got the Organic Baby Greens, and it was amazing. The vanilla vinaigrette was indeed amazing. Not too sweet, and perfectly lightly vanilla.

I'll definitely be back. The parking is easy, the service is great, and the food is definitely above par.– Katherine M., Deerfield, FL

From Our Customer Feedback:
This is one of my favorite restaurants ever. It's nearly impossible to decide what to order, because everything sounds (and trust me, it is) delicious.

I had the beer cheese soup which was rich, buttery, creamy, and just perfect. I've never had a better beer cheese soup. The bread bowl is a nice (unnecessary but still enjoyed) touch. I don't live in Florida, but I would go back for this alone.
From Yelp!:
The pretzel encrusted chicken is hands down the best "breaded" chicken recipe I have ever had. I was so pleased that they had the recipe on their website, because I was craving it for weeks after!

Excellent beer selection. This place is a must-try. Unlike any other brewery themed restaurant.– Stacey R., Raleigh, NC

From Yelp!:
If you love great food and a place that brews it's own beer and not only gives you a tour and some history, but can pair a beet with whatever you order, then hitting this hot spot is a must. The brie app is amazing! Comes with this warm brie pillow and some warm whole roasted garlic a nice piece of italian bread some fresh fruit loved the grapes sliced almonds and this sauce that hides in all the right places on this dish. I could have eaten this whole plate my self but that would have made my wife and friend a little upset so I shared. We also got their volcano shrimp which was also really tasty lightly breaded shrimp in a spicy sauce over a bed of asian style salad. For out main courses i ordered the black and blue burger ad get this when the waiter asked me how i wanted it cooked and i said rare ... It actually came out Rare! Take notes New Jersey, hahaha! My wife ordered this huge salad. I can't remember the name because i was so focused on my burger at this point but it was a wedge salad and it was all fresh and huge. My friend had the fish sandwich which, again, I was lost in burger bliss and can't really go into details on his meal. We did not have any of the beer here, which was a miss on our parts but I was drinking sapphire and tonics all trip and wanted to stick to my routine of great food and one of my favorite cocktails. Check this place out, you wont be sorry. Sit outside, the patio is so nice !– Nick J, New Jersey

From Our Customer Feedback:
I've been going to Big Bear for two years now and I think it is one of the best restaurants in South Florida. Lately, the Bear has stepped up their game and have had some new menu dishes and specials that have been excellent additions. My compliments to the owners/management for a job well done!!– George H.

From Our Comment Cards:
You maintain the perfect mix of lighting, subtle music, great food and a very friendly staff from the greeting to the check.
– Mary Jo Gerdeman, Coral Springs, FL

From Open Table:
Love the food, the staff and the atmosphere. Always a good time!– Flash

From Yelp:
Awesome place to eat !! The portions they give you are huge and delicious. I had the cheese soup which comes in a bread bowl it was amazing and their house dressing is so good I can never get enough of it. Prices are pretty average and the servers are friendly.– Janine C., Coral Springs, FL

From TripAdvisor:
Each time we go to Big Bear Brewing, the food is incredible! I normally order the Pretzel Encrusted Chicken that includes 2 large boneless chicken breasts, mashed potatoes and vegetables. I must say, I always have extra to take home which I eat the following evening for dinner. I have ordered other items such as: The Bear Burgers (excellent & very tasty), Beer Muenster Cheese Soup (comes in a French Bread Bowl - excellent & very tasty) and the Crispy Chicken Salad ( MIXED GREENS, CHEDDAR, BACON, CORN, AVOCADO, TOMATOES, ROASTED GARLIC DRESSING - one of my favorite salads any where). The staff is always friendly and courteous! Love this place!– Roberta8821, Fort Lauderdale, FL

From Our Facebook Messages:
My daughter treated me to a wonderful dinner here last night. It was definitely a winner. I will be back.– Carol Carlin

From Our Facebook Messages:
Just wanted to say thank you for always being wonderful to my sweet parents. They are faithful regular patrons, who enjoy showing off "their place" to friends and out if town guests. Love your food, love your service, love how you make my folks feel special!
– Susan Gerdeman

From our Facebook messages:
The very friendliest, warmest restaurant with the most delicious food. It is "Our Special Place."
– Mary Jo Gerdeman

From our comment cards:
After a concert at Coral Springs Center for Arts, we came in at 9:30 pm and stated to hostess we would hurry and eat. Our server, Jessica, said not to rush and went over entire menu with us making us feel relaxed and welcome. The food, drinks and atmosphere and especially service will make us regulars. This was our first visit but we'll return and tell our family and friends. – Tim F., Davie, FL

From Our Comment Cards:
We drive from Lake Worth just to come here! Every year we take our family to see the Christmas lights at Tradewinds Park, but our first stop is Big Bear Brewing Co. This has been a tradition for years!
– Michelle R., Lakeworth, FL

From Our Comment Cards:
Keep up the great work. The food is amazing. You can taste the freshness and the passion all the chefs have for the food they cook. We found you and came on a whim. But you definitely have lifelong repeat customers. Make sure you guys don't go anywhere! Thanks for the amazing food & great staff. Alex was amazing! – Helder T., Coral Springs, FL

From Yelp:
Coming from the west, the haven & start of Microbreweries decades ago, I'd say this is as good as it gets in our local Florida area. I love the vege burger, smashed type potatoes and ask for BBQ sauce. My fav is the stout AND seasonal raspberry beer. California drivin' & dreamin' to get to Big Bear. From San Francisco, 3,000miles to beer!– Robin S., Boca Raton, FL

From TripAdvior:
Driving around looking for a place to have lunch that's different so we ended up at the Big Bear Brewing Co. It was fascinating to see the brewery right there while you dine. The interior was very well laid out and almost every booth was taken.

We enjoyed blackened Mahi with vegetables, black beans and rice, pretzel crusted chicken, and a good old burger. There was a list of beers to choose from, some of which I never had, but I tried one that was new to me. A pretty good experience overall. Surprisingly, the espresso was pretty good.

A nice place to meet friends and shoot the breeze. Service was fast even though the place was packed.– Trini847, Brooklyn, New York

From OpenTable:
The best all around! We travel all around the world but there is nothing better than our home town restaurant. You're guaranteed to get a great meal every time. – Richard B. Polakoff

Was here twice in the space of a week. Very good casual dining coupled with excellent craft, in this case IPA beer made on premises.

Food was good, beer was excellent.– Paul E., Great Neck, New York



The Big Bear is incredible - Excellent food and brew - Service was very good also. I would eat here again. Slightly noisy, and average prices. It's definitely a must visit place in Coral Springs with kids as well.

– Jonathan M., Boston, Massachusetts

Hello Mr. Sherman!
We, the Office of the City Clerk here in Coral Springs, recently celebrated the retirement of one of our employees with a luncheon at Big Bear. Our server, Adam, was simply awesome and I wanted for you to know. He could not have been more obliging, enthusiastic, helpful and just plain nice! He was simply terrific!
I wish for you and Big Bear Brewing Company another wonderfully successful year. It is always a joy to visit your fine restaurant with my office and family ( you are indeed our favorite spot in the City and we've lived here for 41 years!)– Best Regards, Sandy Costa

Down in Dania Beach, with no selection of decent beer, I made the treck to Big Bear Brewery & it was worth it. Casey & Ashley were sweet and didn't keep me waiting. Their beer was very tasty and their seasonal Diablo was the best. Their IPA very good too, tried the sampler. Would like to have a full pint next time. The beer cheese soup came in a bread bowl and was smooth and excellent. Wish I could make beer cheese soup this well. Also had their wood fired pizza. Did not disappoint. The atmosphere was was much nicer than I anticipated. While they did have tv's on at the bar, it was a pretty classy joint.– aquascottk, San Diego, California

Been visiting sine 1997 when we stopped in after shopping all day. Didn't want to leave. Come back every year. Love the beer muenster cheese soup. Love the beer even more.– Denis Herrmann

Last evening 4 of us had dinner at big bear in coral springs. we have eaten here before. just wanted to tell you, the food and service was exceptional. people like to complain, but tonight i am doing the opposite. i had the ahai tuna salad. it was the best tuna ever!!!, my husband had the large pot pie, was incredible and our friends enjoyed their meals too. can't wait to come back for another great experience..– Judy Todres

award winning brewery, with seasonal brews as well as the regulars. half price wine bottles on Mondays, with 2 entrees. Tasty flatbreads, my husband always orders the fried chicken salad; loves the house dressing. Service is usually excellent. I just wish there was more change on the menu.– queenmaggiemd, Coral Springs, Fl.

Big Bear has been one of our favorite places to go in Coral Springs since we moved to Florida 11 years ago. The best staff, best food and always a lot of laughs.– Michael and Dorothy Green

As a fan of Brew Pubs, I often visit places I wouldn't take my grandchildren. Before I took my first sip of the Grizzly Red, I was already very impressed by the room. Modern glassed in open kitchen, dark wood paneling and brass railings reminiscent of an English pub. The menu was excellent, providing good choices for the entire family. My daughter was impressed by my choice of restaurant, and that doesn't happen very often. Great food, great beer... it's just a wonderful time to be alive.– larryheer, Carnelian Bay, California

I have eaten here many times & have yet to be disappointed. The beer & muenster cheese soup is my families favorite, as well as the calamari, & brie.... There are so many things, but recently we got on a little health kick & decided we were going to eat vegetarian for the night. I ordered the Vegetable plate & my husband ordered the veggie burger. My food was very good & had tons left over, but mainly because one bite of his burger & I devoured the entire thing. The beer sampler is awesome as well!
– Kim, Margate, Fla.

I have been coming here since you opened and always loved it. My husband of 37 years passed away 3 years ago and came back once with the office. Last night my son and I came in and had a great dinner and memories of our family eating and drinking there. thanks for everything!

– Sandy Rabolli

I've been coming to this restaurant since I was a baby and have always loved it!– Gabbie Salway

Your beers are super balanced. Very impressed. Super drinkable, good taste. Knowledgeable staff!– Andi Wandt

Greg, we have been coming to Big Bear for 12 years. We have never been disappointed, not once. The service is impeccable, the food is always delicious, your prices are competitive & the music is fantastic. We bring all our friends and visiting family to Big Bear and least we forget about Matthew's outstanding microbrews for 9 years.– Sincerely, Rodney & Pat Lewis

Absolutely in love with this place!! Never had such comfort and feeling at home as Big Bear. Enjoy every meal and the best servers in the world!!! A sincere pleasure to meet owner Greg and Chef Rick - We shall return!!– Faye Zullick

Hi guys, I just wanted to tell you how much my wife and I enjoy having dinner at the Big Bear. Everything on your menu is a delicious surprise and we both think that your Brie Pillow is the perfect appetizer. Don't ever change a thing about it please! We always enjoy your beer sampler and it is pretty much impossible to decide which one is our favorite beer, they all rock! Just keep up the awesome work and we'll keep visiting you with our friends and family.– Best regards, Edward & Rosana Church, Tamarac, FL

Dear Zeva Polsyn, I just had to take the time to let you know once again what a wonderful time we all had at Big Bear tonight. You and your staff were just wonderful in every way possible. You all made this surprise party so very special. This was such a lovely evening, and it will be in our hearts for a very long time. The girls from Brookwood Group Home in Coral Springs were so lovely this evening, and had such a wonderful time too. Sometimes an evening like this can make many changes in the lives of people who need to feel special for at least one evening. Most of these girls come from difficult childhoods and have not been treated well in their lives, and a nice evening out can take you out of some of those feelings and make you feel that you are worth good evenings out and to be respected. My husband John, was truly surprised and loved everything - the food, the service, and the polite and professional way your staff treated everyone....and, of course, the wonderful evening with the girls and their staff from Brookwood. Thank you again so very much, it will be my pleasure to show our photos and to let everyone know about your great establishment. Your wonderful staff is a direct reflection on you as a Manager.

– Sincerely, Carin Puglisi, Coral Springs, FL

First, I just wanted to tell you that my boyfriend and I have lived in Coral Springs for the past year, and have made it a priority to come to Big Bear for dinner every week! Unfortunately, we are moving back to New York next week and won't be able to enjoy your delicious food and beer anymore. We have been to the restaurant countless times over the past year and have yet to have a negative experience. Every dish we have ordered was cooked to perfection every time. We have even raved so much about the establishment that we've had to take several visiting family members to dinner there to prove how good it is, and they have all agreed. I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful food - we will definitely miss it!– Aubrey A. Frank, New York, NY

I grew up in Coral Springs and have recently moved to the Washington DC area.... one of the biggest things I miss about home is going to Big Bear. I have searched high and low to find a beer and cheese soup that is on the same level as the Beer Muenster Cheese soup (and even attempted to make one of the various recipes out there) and I have always been disappointed. Again today I had one of my Big Bear cravings and Googled Beer Muenster Cheese soup, and imagine my surprise when I see the Big Bear website has their very own recipe up! I am telling the truth when I say that when I leave work today, I will be stopping at the grocery store to attempt the recipe. It will be the perfect dinner on this cold winter night. And miraculously you turn normal salads into ones I crave over any other restaurant. Thanks for always having great food and a great atmosphere....and maybe I could talk you into opening a restaurant in DC? America (and it's Capital!) could use a little more Big Bear!– Jillian Fleury, Washington, DC

The food is fantastic! Best South Florida restaurant in this price range that we've been to.– Meredith Tucker, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Your food is excellent! - every time we come here, we have an enjoyable experience as well as a tasteful one!!– Valerie M., N. Lauderdale, FL

Great Service, Delicious Food. We love coming here!! – R. G. Schaefer, Coral Springs, FL

We love the lettuce wedge! We'll keep coming back for the great service and food!– Linda & Joe Recchio, Coral Springs, FL

The Crême Brulée is perfect and so is the Brie Pillow. We come back for both - unique, tasty and always perfect!– Lisa & Michael Jones, Plantation, FL

I love good beer and this is the best I've tasted in South Florida!– The Tolerico's, Coral Springs, FL

The Chicken Picatta was excellent! Maria, as always, proves why she is the BEST! She is friendly and professional! – Stephen Wagner, Margate, FL

Big Bear is one of our favorite spots! We always enjoy our times here. The food and drinks are excellent!! – Mark & Susan Glazer, Pompano Beach, FL

I LOVE BIG BEAR - The Beer, The Wait Staff, The Bread, The Tuna Salad, The Ribs.........EVERYTHING!! Paula was excellent! Thanks!!– Anonymous

Just loved the Rattlesnake Salad. Our server, Terry, was most accommodating and professional. We'll be back! – Anonymous

We need a Big Bear in the Orlando area. It's hard driving 3 hours one way to go to lunch.– Diane Charbonneau, St. Cloud, FL

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